The K-VEST TPI 3D Edition is a state of the art wireless motion analysis “engine” that is specifically designed to measure golf swing motion and efficiency using a respected biomechanics principle called the Kinematic Sequence. It also creates a comprehensive biomechanics report and compares the golfer to the TPI database of touring pro swings. The 3-D evaluation process provides layers of information, including body positions, joint angles, kinematic sequencing (an efficiency measure), segment rotations and velocities. The 3-D evaluation also can see where the body is being positioned with undo stress, helping to prevent injury. The K-Vest TPI 3D combines visual and auditory biofeedback to provide players with feedback on swing drills (full swing/short game) as well as stability/mobility based exercises. All biofeedback programs are fully customizable based on desired style and a player’s physical abilities.

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K-Vest TPI 3D Swing Motion Analysis

The only way to measure the efficiency of a golf swing is with 3D Motion Capture. With 3D motion capture we can see how the body moves, dynamically, during the golf swing. The objective information is then used to quantify the swing efficiency of a player. A combination of exercises and motor patterns changes to support physical strength, mobility, or stability are then provided to enable the player to create a golf swing that is more efficient; the end goal is more distance and/or accuracy.